Marketing professionals who have earned an MBA enjoy career advantages including opportunities to advance into leadership roles, greater compensation and higher levels of decision-making authority. If you are currently in an entry-level, mid-level, or specialist marketing position, earning an MBA, particularly one with a marketing specialization, can help you compete with the best and brightest for the leadership opportunities you seek.

The online MBA in Marketing program from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside emphasizes the relationship between marketing and other business functions in an increasingly digital environment, meeting the express demands of today’s employers — some of whom we have partnered with in the development of this program. The curriculum includes an in-depth study of integrated marketing communications, global marketing management, sales and key account management, and digital and social media marketing. Students gain expertise in aspects of advertising, promotions and personal selling from the perspective of market management, and learn from experienced, successful marketing professionals.

Take a “LinkedIn Challenge”

Now that you understand how the curriculum relates to developing your marketing acumen and leadership potential, you may want to pause for a moment and take a “LinkedIn Challenge.” Looking at your marketing department’s hierarchy and working from the top down, search for each colleague on LinkedIn. If our students’ experience proves true, you will likely notice your co-workers in the following (or similar) roles have an MBA or master’s degree.

Leadership Opportunities in Marketing

Demand is strong for marketers with the abilities to strategize and identify patterns and trends. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of November 2018, management roles in advertising, promotions and marketing are expected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average for all industries. The median annual pay for the broad category is $129,380 per year.

The areas of expertise employers seek include market research, competitive positioning, product and brand management, advertising, public relations, consumer behavior, data analysis and creative team management, all of which are covered in the UW-Parkside MBA program.

These are a few of the MBA-level marketing positions you may consider as a graduate of the UW-Parkside accelerated program. We have included salary data as of November 2018:


Position Average Yearly Salary
Marketing Manager

Manages marketing activities and programs, and develops marketing plans to meet business objectives.

$98,565 (
Senior Marketing Manager

Oversees marketing planning, product development, and brand management, and coordinates marketing activities. Sets budgets, plans campaigns and manages specialists.

$98,006 (PayScale)
Product/Brand Manager

Studies brand performance, brand competitiveness and product trends in the marketplace in order to develop marketing strategies.

$102,747 (
Marketing Director

Responsible for developing an organization’s marketing policies and objectives. Supervises market research and designs marketing plans for specific business lines.

$136,545 (
Marketing Consultant

Devises marketing plans to create buzz and finds the problems that are keeping companies from reaching their objectives.

$92,100 (CNN Money)

Marketing leadership positions are ideally held by critical and creative thinkers with specialized training developed for today’s employers. If you have the drive, a specialized marketing MBA may enable you to unlock your full potential in this dynamic field.

Learn more about the University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s online MBA with a Concentration in Marketing program.


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