Thanks to advancements in technology, the supply chain management field offers a plethora of new job opportunities. An MBA in Supply Chain Management will open the doors to many of these new jobs, particularly higher-level roles. contributor Karen Schweitzer writes, “Many people who earn a supply chain management degree go on to oversee aspects of a supply chain.” Even if you have worked in the supply chain industry for a while, an MBA will open the door to many opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside offers an online MBA in Supply Chain Management that maintains all the rigors of a brick-and-mortar degree with the flexibility of an online classroom. According to the UW-Parkside website, “You will explore basic terminology, concepts, and state-of-the-art models involved in the design, control, and management of supply chain systems.” Whether you are a long-time worker in the supply chain industry or a newcomer looking to get a head start, getting an online MBA is the perfect solution for working students.

A Growing Field

The supply chain industry is growing with no signs of stopping any time soon. U.S. News & World Report contributor Delece Smith-Barrow writes, “Estimated job growth is one reason the field is booming, partially fueled by technology in an ever-evolving global market.” She goes on to cite the short shelf-life of modern electronics, which results in companies having to put much more focus on developing a speedy and efficient supply chain.

Another reason for this growth is the rise of global markets. Products of all kinds can now be marketed and sold worldwide thanks to the growing popularity of online stores and global shipping companies. This development has resulted in larger, more complex supply chains, and thus new positions in the supply chain industry.

Earn More With an MBA in Supply Chain Management

The wages for many jobs in the supply chain field are generous for MBA graduates. As of October 2018, PayScale places the average salary for an MBA in Supply Chain Management at $82,000 a year. Some of the higher-paid positions include supply chain management directors with an average salary of $118,589, and supply chain managers with an average salary of $92,731.

On the other hand, as of October 2018, PayScale says the average salary for a worker with an associate degree in supply chain management is $59,000. While an associate degree can lead to entry-level opportunities in supply chain management, an MBA is the best way to land those higher-paying positions. As Schweitzer points out, “A master’s degree or MBA in supply chain management may be the best option for individuals interested in leadership positions.”

Whether you are already a veteran of the supply chain industry looking to further your career, or somebody who is interesting in breaking into an expanding field, earning an MBA in supply chain management is a sound investment. Online MBA programs, like the one offered through UW-Parkside, make this degree more accessible than ever.

Learn more about University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s online MBA with a Concentration in Supply Chain Management program.


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