Strong communication skills can open doors to a variety of career opportunities across a range of industries. The ability to convey ideas effectively, collaborate with colleagues and engage with clients is indispensable in every profession. As noted by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the demand for occupations utilizing social skills has grown, emphasizing the significance of effective communication in the modern workplace.

An online Master of Arts (M.A.) in Professional Communication program from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UW-Parkside) provides students with important experience and expertise for future jobs in public relations (PR), social media, management, communication and other fields.

Careers for Graduates With Essential Communication Skills

Being a skilled communicator is more vital than ever. UW-Parkside’s online M.A. in Professional Communication program aims to provide students with the useful skills necessary to succeed in any field. Below are some options that graduates from this program can pursue. Actual salaries will vary depending on location, company, experience and other factors.

PR Specialist

Students can use the communication skills developed through program courses like Professional Communication to thrive in PR specialist roles. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), PR specialists help individuals, organizations or groups create and maintain a positive public image. They accomplish this by creating press releases and other public-facing materials, communicating with the media, improving client communications, assessing public opinion of client brands, and many other strategies and responsibilities.

According to BLS, PR specialists earn an annual median wage of $67,440, and the number of available PR specialist positions will grow by 6% through 2032.


Graduates with a strong background in professional communication can thrive as producers. These professionals oversee various aspects of content creation, from conceptualization to execution, by planning coordination with team members and clients.

With an eye for detail and excellent communication skills, they organize the production process, manage budgets and resources, and collaborate with directors, writers and talent. According to BLS, employment opportunities for producers are projected to grow at a rate of 7% through 2032, which is higher than average.

Social Media Strategist

In addition to communication coursework, UW-Parkside’s program offers a Digital Media Production elective students can take to build their knowledge of the techniques and multimedia resources used to build and support networking efforts as a social media strategist. These specialists work to build a brand’s reputation by creating and sharing content across social platforms.  They assess and support their employer’s social media strategy and presence and identify potential brand weaknesses and strengths.

According to ZipRecruiter, social media strategists earn an average salary of $65,671 annually.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are essential in the fields of engineering and technology since they help simplify complex knowledge into understandable information. According to BLS, the demand for technical writers will grow 7% through 2032. Graduates with a degree in professional communication are skilled in explaining technical ideas, guidelines and goals to a variety of audiences, including engineers, customers and clients. Through detailed research and communication techniques, technical writers can develop user manuals, training guides and technical documents that encourage overall understanding.

Effective communication skills are at the center of these different careers. Whether crafting marketing campaigns, producing multimedia content or documenting technical processes, professionals rely on clear, concise and persuasive communication to achieve their goals.

Graduates can confidently handle challenging conversations with the thorough understanding of communication theory, audience analysis and media dynamics taught at UW-Parkside. By developing their speaking, writing and interpersonal skills, graduates are proficient in communicating ideas, forming bonds with others and promoting business success.

The Power of a Professional Communication Degree

UW-Parkside’s online M.A. in Professional Communication program provides students with the understanding and expertise to thrive in various professional roles. With the innovative curriculum, expert faculty guidance and hands-on learning experiences, students gain practical experience in strategic communication, digital media and personal relationships.

As NBER notes, the demand for social skills (including communication) is only growing: “Nearly all job growth since 1980 has been in occupations that are relatively social-skill intensive.” By understanding effective communication techniques, graduates of UW-Parkside’s program are confident leaders, creative problem solvers and flexible professionals equipped to take advantage of a wide range of job opportunities and pursue meaningful career advancement.

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