A Master of Arts (M.A.) in Professional Communication online from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside can prepare students for various careers in social media strategy, digital production, social media marketing, public relations, global business communications, public diplomacy, grant proposal writing, fundraising and more. This online master’s degree program provides students with the valuable experience and knowledge to become skilled communicators — making them a high-demand asset to today’s fast-paced job market.

This interactive master’s program will engage students in projects that have real-world applications, such as grant writing, proposal development and digital production techniques. Degree coursework covers topics such as conflict resolution strategies, digital media production, and development of leadership skills. Students will learn how to communicate effectively, strategically and ethically to diverse audiences, understand varied perspectives and promote constructive communication to enrich personal interactions.

Top Positions for Effective Communicators

Earning a master’s degree in professional communication can open many doors throughout various industries. In a competitive job market, a University of Wisconsin-Parkside graduate can set themselves apart with highly sought-after communications skills in these prime areas. If you’re interested in a master’s degree in professional communication, below are five career paths for communications graduates. Salaries included are meant to be a guideline and are not guaranteed:

  1. Social media. Social media has forever changed the way we communicate with one another. With an emphasis on amplification and immediacy, businesses can leverage technology to personally engage with the public. Professional communication graduates can find careers in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, communications management and digital management. Professionals can work for clients in an agency setting or as part of a company’s marketing or advertising departments. They can also work for traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio or television stations looking to increase their social media presence. According to the S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for a social media specialist is $56,770.*
  2. Public relations. Working in public relations means that you strengthen your client’s reputation and serve as the media representative. In order to create and maintain a favorable and encouraging public image, you need to be an effective communicator. The median annual salary for a public relations specialist is $62,810, or $30.20 per hour. The BLS predicts job growth in this area will grow at 7% by 2029, faster than average.
  3. Global communication. As companies expand their reach around the globe, there is a demand for professionals who excel in effective communication across geographic boundaries and cultures. A global communications specialist provides support for a company on regional and global levels. They oversee communication strategies and collaborate with public relations, marketing and social media associates. Part of global communications includes positions as a fundraising manager, development director and major gifts officer. Glassdoor.com reports the average annual pay for a global communications manager as $104,948, and the BLS anticipates job growth for fundraising managers to grow 9% through 2029.
  4. Public diplomacy. Careers in public diplomacy can include foreign affairs officers, public diplomacy analysts and political affairs officers. A public diplomacy officer communicates via media to promote the interests of the United States abroad. They supervise information and cultural programs to strengthen and improve foreign perception regarding American society. ZipRecruiter shows the average annual salary for a public diplomacy officer at $62,872, but professionals can earn as much as $156,000.
  5. Grant writing. Grant writers research, write and submit proposals to help individuals or organizations receive funding. Grant writers can be self-employed or work for nonprofit organizations, charitable institutions, schools and libraries. Incorporating all the elements of grant writing takes clear and convincing communication. Grant writers can also develop relationships with prospective donors, interact with clients and relay information while meeting deadlines. Salary.com estimates the average annual salary of a grant writer at $72,904.

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