An Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Global Management allows students to focus on international business. A global management degree program offers opportunities to study international financial management, global supply chain management and global marketing. Students in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside MBA in Global Management program will learn about the international marketplace while gaining valuable skills to navigate the global business community and attaining excellent communication and social skills.

Why Specialize in Global Management?

There are many advantages of focusing on global management. It will prepare you to manage a business that can expand into different countries, make decisions based on a company’s global, marketing, ethical and legal strategies as well as apply diverse business practices from all around the world. Here are three main advantages of earning an MBA in Global Management:

1. Building an international network. Having a strong and supportive network is important in any field, but an international network is a unique advantage for global management professionals. This network begins in school — with your classmates and professors — and it extends to other professionals you meet along the way. Some key factors in building an international network are maintaining relationships with those in your industry with connections in international business. They can inform you of opportunities to join forces with other like-minded companies from around the world.

Being trustworthy is also an essential part of maintaining healthy working relationships. Knowing people in other countries who work in your field can clue you in on rules and regulations you may not be familiar with. Building relationships can provide access to supply chains, opportunities and leverage strategies.

2. Job opportunities in other countries. According to Export Development Canada, many business owners and managers lack an understanding of the cultures and the business protocols of other countries they work with. When you can expand a business or network in another country, knowing the social etiquette will help immensely. When you have a background in global management, you’ll learn business history, diplomatic strategy, race and ethnic relations, global finance and trade. This solid foundation will give global management graduates an edge when seeking career opportunities with a business expanding into international markets. It can also lead to consulting within a company interested in expanding into the global market.

3. Global entrepreneurship. According to Entrepreneur, the nature of global entrepreneurship is changing. In the past, many businesses would focus on local marketing and sales before turning their sights on the global market. Now, due to those with solid, fundamental knowledge of the international business world, many new businesses bypass local markets to dive deep into the world of global marketing and business ventures.

Changing technology has done away with the traditional boundaries that plague business owners when expanding their business overseas. Knowing the impact of local and global business environments on a business will give global management graduates the advantage of starting a new international company. Understanding the issues of working in a competitive global marketplace and recognizing how strategies impact a business is essential for global entrepreneurship.

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