The corporate world truly serves a global market, and the challenges of conducting business across many countries and cultures is full of opportunities and pitfalls.

Luckily, busy professionals eager to meet these challenges can learn the ins and outs of the  international marketplace through online degree programs such as the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP) Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Global Management.

Preparing for the Future

According to, global management combines many disciplines, including a thorough background in business with knowledge of different cultures, history and social practices “to help companies find their niches in the international business community and successfully work with other cultures.”

An MBA emphasizing global management prepares you for the challenges of conducting business in a different culture by developing excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Throughout your coursework, you will gain critical thinking skills to help you navigate a culture where business and social practices are very different than yours. says students enrolled in a global management MBA will gain an understanding of international economics, political science and business history, as well as a focus on international relations. These MBA programs also explore comparative market systems, diplomatic strategy, ethnic and race relations, and global trade and finance.

The UWP Difference

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside MBA with a Concentration in Global Management is entirely online. The curriculum includes 24 hours of MBA core courses and six credit hours of electives. All courses are seven weeks, and the degree can be completed in 12 months.

Core courses in the online degree teach skills essential for success in the global marketplace:

  • Creative and Innovative Management. Takes an analytical approach to help you develop skills effective in devising solutions to issues in an increasingly complex workplace.
  • Advanced Operations. Uses case studies, simulation and current business issues to explore concepts of modern business management; addresses the impact of both domestic and global environments on a firm’s operations.
  • Leadership: Theory, Application and Skill Development. Examines advanced leadership skills as they relate to globalization and ethics in leadership.
  • Advanced Global Management: Offers awareness of issues that arise in a global marketplace, such as coordinating diverse workers across national boundaries and developing strategies to address managerial problems in different cultures.

Elective courses are designed to further immerse students in the opportunities and risks of business operations on a worldwide stage:

  • Global Supply Chain Management. This course covers all the elements that inform the design, control and management of supply chain systems, including network planning. inventory management. Logistics, and sustainability.
  • International Finance Management. Examines international finances and foreign exchange risk management for multinational corporations.
  • Global Marketing Management. Takes a global look at managing international market dynamics and environmental factors that affect global business.

UWP’s online global management MBA program is the perfect opportunity for business professionals with job and family obligations to earn an advanced degree that has real value in the international business world. The AACSB-accredited program prepares students for exciting careers as global account managers, global business administrators, business analysis directors and more.

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