International expansion in a global economy has changed the rules as corporations struggle to define their role in cultures and countries they may not understand with a workforce that operates from a different playbook.

That is why there is a growing  demand for  individuals who understand business policies and opportunities in other countries to ensure their operations run efficiently and profitably.

What Are Global Business Managers?

Global business managers are “often the force behind a multinational organization, as they are able to promote business across borders while recognizing advantages and limitations of cultural differences,” says an article in “A global business manager is typically expected to have specialized training in a particular international business or political area in order to benefit the ensemble of executives that operate a large corporation.”

That specialized training often takes the form of an advanced business degree, such as the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Global Management Online. The program offers working professionals the skills needed for success in global marketing management, financial management and supply chain management.

Many Career Opportunities in International Business

People with an MBA in global management have an edge in a growing job market, as multinational companies such as IBM, Amazon and General Motors continue expansion in countries across the globe. offers details on many career opportunities in the global business management field:

International marketing managers are also known as global marketing managers and sell products and services of large corporations to consumers in  other countries. They should be sensitive to different cultures and economic conditions as they develop marketing and promotional tools to reach consumers with vastly different attitudes and customs. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills are essential. Average salary is $74,655 annually, with a low of $48,000 and topping out at $119,000.

International tax managers must thoroughly understand international laws to keep their companies on the right side of regulatory issues. Among their job duties: prepare and file tax forms; propose compliance strategies to maximize profits; assist in tax audits; and manage issues with local, regional or national authorities. Average salary is $113,060, with a low of $90,000 and a high of $135,000.

International trade compliance managers lead a team of professionals to ensure that all company and government requirements for their trade opportunities are compliant. They develop import and export strategies that tackle trade-related issues, verify trade documents, authorize business decisions, and manage transaction licenses, agreements and regulatory appeals. They cultivate strong relationships with government and customs officials to smooth the flow of trade. Average salary is $85,724, with a low of $62,000 and a high of $122,000.

Global account managers handle consumer relations, position their companies to obtain new clients, and develop and manage key account negotiations. They also analyze account data to provide forecasts to management and review account budgets and pricing to improve price effectiveness. Average salary is $104,846, with a high of $145,000 and a low of $61,000.

International policy advisors work closely with policy analysts within an organization. The advisors gather the necessary information to support the policies the analysts develop. Advisors spend most of their time researching and writing reports and must have strong organizational, verbal and written communication skills. Average salary is $76,464, with a high of $117,000 and a low of $49,000.

The global management MBA online at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a robust program that teaches students how to develop and apply strategic solutions to opportunities and problems inherent to international corporations. It is a good solution for working adults with job and family responsibilities, allowing them to earn the degree on their own time without having to disrupt their lives by moving to an area near a brick-and-mortar campus. The AACSB-accredited degree program can be finished in 12 months.

Learn more about the UW-Parkside’s online MBA with a Concentration in Global Management program.

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