The Graduate Management Admission Test, otherwise known as the GMAT, is a standardized test that is often a prerequisite for entering an MBA program. Since a student’s GMAT score can impact acceptance into an MBA program, the test can seem intimidating — especially for people who have been out of school for a while.

Fortunately, there are options for students looking to bypass the GMAT to begin their MBA. The University of Wisconsin-Parkside offers online MBA programs for students with an undergrad GPA of 2.75 or higher who would prefer to opt out of the GMAT.

An Assessment of Business Skills

The GMAT was designed to test students’ baseline skills to quantify their level of preparation for the rigors of an MBA program. Kaplan explains, “The GMAT exam measures your command of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, multi-source data analysis, and grammar.” It is divided into four distinct, timed sections, with each one designed to evaluate a different skillset.

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test, meaning that the test changes in real-time based on your performance. Kaplan says, “When you begin the GMAT, the computer assumes you have an average score and gives you a question of medium difficultly.” After that starting point, the test either increases or decreases in difficulty depending on which questions you get right. The aggregate score at the end factors in which questions you got right, as well as their difficulty level.

Skipping the GMAT

For students who have either been out of school for a while or who simply don’t like taking standardized tests, there are GMAT waiver options. Poets & Quants contributor Andrea Carter writes, “Let’s face it. Some people simply aren’t good at taking tests … Schools readily acknowledge that exams are just one indicator of a candidate’s fit for a program.” Whether it’s test anxiety, a gap in enrollment or a desire to begin an MBA program quickly, there is no shortage of reasons to bypass the GMAT.

If you are interested in obtaining an MBA but feel that the GMAT is a barrier to entry, a waiver is the perfect solution. It allows students to continue their academic pursuits without the stress of preparing for and taking another standardized test. The online MBA program at UW-Parkside is a great option for these students; it allows them to further their business education without being held back by the typical GMAT requirement.

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